You can help make a change in the world while watching a stream of your favorite youtuber or streamer. Of course, it is free as usual to check out these streams. There are no requirements to contribute. Whatever the difference, if you choose to donate this time, 20%, 50%, or 100% goes straight to cancer research.

Remember that if you are under +18, ask your parent or guardian if it is okay to donate.

Do you want to see your company on our channels and show that you support our fight against cancer? Please contact us at this email;


Join us on the journey for a cancer-free world. Show that you stand up for the fight against cancer and show your viewers that we must make a difference. Millions die from this disease every year. It is unacceptable that children younger than ten years old have to die because we do not have a real cure. Together with you and our other Stream Soldiers, we are fighting for a cancer-free world.

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