Stream Soldiers

Stream Soldiers was founded in 2019 as an initiative to raise awareness of the fight against cancer. We do this together with some lovely people all over the world who are our Stream Soldiers. These people entertain their followers daily on platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer. With their help we also have the opportunity, while raising money against cancer, to create a commitment to thousands of people around the world.



Our goal is to eradicate cancer and through raising money for cancer research to some reputable organizations around the world. We want to see a world where no child or young adult has to die because of cancer. That is why we have accepted the goal 3.4 of human rights as our goal.

This means that by working preventively, we will reduce the number of people who die prematurely due to non-communicable diseases. The goal is for 2030. Our function is to raise as much funding as possible so that research should move forward towards the goal. It is a disaster that young people have to go through such a horrible disease as cancer is.


With the help of research, eradicate cancer for children and young adults.

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