Join Us and Fight Against Cancer

What is Stream Soldiers?

General Facts 

Stream Soldiers is a project funded by the nonprofit association THK - Lajv & Events in Sweden. The project is aimed at eradicating cancer for children and young adults. Together with our Stream Soldiers, we raise money over a weekend with the help of their viewers.


What is a Stream Soldier? 

A Stream Soldier is a YouTuber or streamer who wants to use their platform to change the world. They often have a large following and can inform more people about cancer and how it affects many young people.


How Do I Participate?

You can participate by streaming from your YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, or similar channel during our charity weekend. You then can choose if you want to donate 20%, 50% or 100% of the donations received during these days directly to the selected charity. You can also choose to only stream for the event on one of the days. The content you stream is up to you as long as it is not offensive or disturbing to anyone.


The Charity

We will work with several large organizations that have proven to be reliable and have a good value base. So you can feel confident that your money will end up in an organization you know and can trust.

The organizations we support are focused on helping children or young adults to a better life. Some of them have the research as the focus, while others give people living with cancer a chance of a decent living. Both are very important for us because we need to have both in the center to save more.

THK - Lajv & Events

We are a Swedish non-profit organization, and we are the ones who created this event. Our organization consists of several different organizer groups focusing on combining hobbies and charities. Our vision is to motivate more people to contribute by doing what they love to do.

The association does not take any money from its events. All money that goes through the association for a specific event goes directly to the charity that is part of our campaign.

Why Should you Contribute?

Not all children around the world get to have the same chances as everyone else does. Your participation is very much needed and appreciated to help those less fortunate. Together we can make a difference. Our goal is a reality where cancer does not exist. We strongly believe that children should be out enjoying themselves and not having to deal with something so tragic. It is only with your help that we can work to contribute to these charities to meet our goal. We hope you and your viewers join in on the journey to a cancer-free world.

The event was created to meet the target 3.4 of human rights with a focus on children and young adults with life-threatening diseases.

3.4 of human rights

By 2030, through preventative efforts and treatment, reduce the number of people who die prematurely from non-communicable diseases by one third, and promote mental health and well-being.

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